My ten year old nephew made a comment that made me laugh,with regards to a goalkeeper for a football team. He said, that the team would be better off with a plastic bag in goal with no handles, as it couldn’t possibly do a worst job.

Not only did that make me chuckle (even though it maybe a little bit harsh), but it got me thinking. Being so poor at something, is that a good thing? And yes, yes it is. I mean it is not ideal if you are pilot or a surgeon. I mean lets be honest, we want those people on their game. However, all mistakes we learn something. If however a plastic bag could do a better job than you can, then maybe its an idea to make different life choices.

We all can’t go through life not making mistakes or learning. I mean I can, but that is just a phenomenon, I know everything.

So being useful is in short just as important as not being useful, because both options can lead to amazing opportunities.

So go be the worst you can be, it may just turn out to be the best thing.



Powers, we all have them. Some more aware than others. But we have the ability to make things happen. Some may call it luck, I call it talent.

Now bearing in mind if I think I am all so powerful and knowing. You maybe wondering why I spend some of my time writing posts on this blog and moaning about things that don’t go my way. And you will be right in asking that.

It is because I don’t want to come across like I know all the answers. I mean I need to give you guys a chance to catch up.

But know this, if you behaved like fear has no power and nothing can stop you and you are untouchable. Imagine what you could accomplish. Tap into that for a bit, and watch the magnificence of you, unfold.



Muscles, much like keeping clean. Is something that is advised to possibly do daily. If the goal is you don’t want to stank up the place, and have muscles so tight you can’t touch your toes or pull something lifting a bag. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to be that person.

So having realised I have done no form of exercise for the best part of the year. I fail to see how it became a shock to me that I could no longer hold the plank for more than two seconds.


As everyone is gearing up to enter 2018 and the usual new diet fads, gym promises and the annual cull of friends/toxic people. Only to realise by March, you are pretty much doing the same thing as you have done the previous three years. I have this small tip for you…..

Don’t. Stop and take a breath. And maybe just take it day by day. By all means have a plan, but if you know even with your best intentions you still end doing what you doing. Maybe you just need to wait until you get to the point, where you have really had enough. And it is when you reach that point, that the change comes.

Now not everyone needs to wait five days to take a shower to realise that it’s not working for them. Stretch when you can stretch, shower when you can shower. And make 2018 yours again. When you stretch you limber up and can reach heights that you couldn’t get to before.

So reach.



You will keep getting the same lesson until you learn it. Now you get to decide just how long it will take you.

Never underestimate just how powerful a small step can be. It can open up so many other possibilities. But you must push on and push through. Even when its at the darkest. In fact it is exactly there that you need to keep going.

It is hard to face what is happening, but if you don’t. It won’t go away either.

As Portia Nelson said in her Five Chapters poem; walk down another street. If you don’t know the poem…..get to know it.

Been Away


Well I have been away (if you managed to notice). What have I been up to you may well ask? Not much. Just bathing in gratefulness and thankfulness. Which some may say is not an entire waste of time. And some may.

However I have also been on a campaign to improve my fantasy football team, as the leader of the pack is getting a bit to comfortable and confident that he is going to win it. And that cannot happen.

So with being at one with my feelings, I have also come to realise that your feelings only have meaning if you give them meaning. And what meaning you give them, is up to you, and it’s everything. So choose well.

Random Sometime Thoughts

In no particular order:

Sometimes you have to believe in someone just to be proven wrong.

Sometimes the love of your life is the biggest blessing or the biggest moron. And sometimes you have to look really really hard for the lesson.

Sometimes if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. You are going to be disappointed. (Well to be fair that is not sometimes, that is going to be pretty much all the time).

Sometimes you have to lend people money and not get it back. And sometimes the lesson is priceless, and other times its just so beyond out of order you just have to live with it.

Sometimes you will let yourself down, your family, friends and your dog down. Hopefully not all at once, but its possible.

Sometimes saying “no, I am not able to do that” is enough

Sometimes you have to put into action what you preach.

Sometimes you will think a thing and it will be there. Coincidence?

Sometimes you have to look at your dreams from a different angle.

Sometimes your dreams come true. Sometimes they don’t and sometimes it works out even better than you can imagine

Sometimes forgiveness is hard.

Sometimes you will doubt yourself, but you will overcome it.

Sometimes you have to be like Mariah, and be a hero and look inside yourself.

Sometimes you just have to keep on trying.

It has been brought to my attention that this site can come across as a bit preachy and bossy, and “listen to me, I am right” kind of vibe. Well yes that is my intention.

Go give a give great.

Despite it all

Despite our persistence in ruining our bodies and nature. They keep on keeping on. Once we learn to be in unison with ourselves, we will have peace. Having said that, we cannot be anything other than what we are in this moment. One day we will wake up and know better. Until that day comes, I guess all we can do is continue to thrive and strive.

Live a life so amazing, that when you look back you can say….was that me?