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Random Sometime Thoughts

In no particular order:

Sometimes you have to believe in someone just to be proven wrong.

Sometimes the love of your life is the biggest blessing or the biggest moron. And sometimes you have to look really really hard for the lesson.

Sometimes if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. You are going to be disappointed. (Well to be fair that is not sometimes, that is going to be pretty much all the time).

Sometimes you have to lend people money and not get it back. And sometimes the lesson is priceless, and other times its just so beyond out of order you just have to live with it.

Sometimes you will let yourself down, your family, friends and your dog down. Hopefully not all at once, but its possible.

Sometimes saying “no, I am not able to do that” is enough

Sometimes you have to put into action what you preach.

Sometimes you will think a thing and it will be there. Coincidence?

Sometimes you have to look at your dreams from a different angle.

Sometimes your dreams come true. Sometimes they don’t and sometimes it works out even better than you can imagine

Sometimes forgiveness is hard.

Sometimes you will doubt yourself, but you will overcome it.

Sometimes you have to be like Mariah, and be a hero and look inside yourself.

Sometimes you just have to keep on trying.

It has been brought to my attention that this site can come across as a bit preachy and bossy, and “listen to me, I am right” kind of vibe. Well yes that is my intention.

Go give a give great.


Despite it all

Despite our persistence in ruining our bodies and nature. They keep on keeping on. Once we learn to be in unison with ourselves, we will have peace. Having said that, we cannot be anything other than what we are in this moment. One day we will wake up and know better. Until that day comes, I guess all we can do is continue to thrive and strive.

Live a life so amazing, that when you look back you can say….was that me?


We all love it when someone shows they care, or they have thought of us. We should do it more often. It really is priceless and can mean so much to someone, especially if it comes at a time when they think nobody cares.

Remember how you felt when someone went out of their way for you. It felt good. We should do more of that more often. Feel good, be kind. We all get up in ourselves and in our thoughts. Sometimes you have to look inward to be able to know that you have not looked outward. Step outside yourself a little. Being all about yourself all the time serves nobody, and in the long run not even yourself, because as life would have it. You can only be about yourself for so long, before you yearn for that human connection.

We all have 24 hours in the day, how you choose to spend it is up to you. So spend it wisely. And in those 24 hours in the day, you can take 5 minutes of it to shine a little sunshine on someone. For nobody knows when those 24 hours will be our last.

Spread love, be kind.




Sometimes we forget what ignites our soul, or the light flickers. Take a break. Re-evaluate and let your soul find it’s song again.

The break is sometimes forced onto us, and other times we can actively choose it. Either way it can be beneficial and rewarding, even if it doesn’t look like it at the time.



Ask Why

If you don’t know, ask.

If you are not sure about something, ask.

If you need clarity, ask.

It will save you a lot of time, worry and preconceptions if you were to only ask.

Is it not better to know and move on, than to turn yourself inside and out and wonder why?


Everyone has them, a habit, a ritual. Whatever you want to call it. Sometimes they are empowering and other times they are not. It is these ones we have to watch and be aware of. And what makes it that little bit more interesting is that we do not even know they are damaging.

In short, if you are in a holding pattern and its not making you feel good. Take a look. And if its painful, try and look at your past as well. As that may also help you move forward.

You can only change what you can face

So close

But yet so far? I suppose everyone has felt that sensation before. And there are two ways of looking at. Either an epic failure or the belief that it wasn’t suppose to work out that way. I know which one I prefer to focus on, the one that makes me feel unstoppable and great. So obviously most people like to use the “didn’t that go well, and why hasn’t it gone the way I want it to go, and my all time favourite: “wasn’t that a waste of time”

When something goes wrong, just holler out “plot twist” And move on.

Nothing is a waste of time, even if it taught you that you should raise your standards. It taught you something. I read something the other day about not having regrets, maybe label them as “wonderings”. I am pretty sure nobody goes out of their way to make spectacular mistakes. So whatever you did at the time, is what you wanted to do and or the best choice to take at that time with the knowledge you had. You only know if it works out because of that special term “hindsight”. And that’s the gift in itself, if we all knew how things would turn out….we would all be perfect all the time. The thing is, we already are.

You can’t progress in reverse.


Heartbeats are well, quite important I would say. Yet we are all guilty of taking it for granted, until our health or our loved ones are threatened.

So you would think it would go without saying to appreciate the day we have, but every day living gets in the way and we assume that we have tomorrow.

Dalai Lama said we only have two days of the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. So today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.

We are the sky. Everything else is just weather.

One day your heart beat will beat its last beat. Just be sure that the previous beats, mattered.



If you want some things in your life to change, change some things in your life.

There comes a point when only so much thinking and planning you can do. You have to take that step. And if turns out to go a little wonky, just take the next step. But one thing is for sure, you will never go forward by staying still.

Just get to stepping, and trust that it will work out.

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