My Soul Said So

Just listen to it

So close

But yet so far? I suppose everyone has felt that sensation before. And there are two ways of looking at. Either an epic failure or the belief that it wasn’t suppose to work out that way. I know which one I prefer to focus on, the one that makes me feel unstoppable and great. So obviously most people like to use the “didn’t that go well, and why hasn’t it gone the way I want it to go, and my all time favourite: “wasn’t that a waste of time”

When something goes wrong, just holler out “plot twist” And move on.

Nothing is a waste of time, even if it taught you that you should raise your standards. It taught you something. I read something the other day about not having regrets, maybe label them as “wonderings”. I am pretty sure nobody goes out of their way to make spectacular mistakes. So whatever you did at the time, is what you wanted to do and or the best choice to take at that time with the knowledge you had. You only know if it works out because of that special term “hindsight”. And that’s the gift in itself, if we all knew how things would turn out….we would all be perfect all the time. The thing is, we already are.

You can’t progress in reverse.


Heartbeats are well, quite important I would say. Yet we are all guilty of taking it for granted, until our health or our loved ones are threatened.

So you would think it would go without saying to appreciate the day we have, but every day living gets in the way and we assume that we have tomorrow.

Dalai Lama said we only have two days of the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. So today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.

We are the sky. Everything else is just weather.

One day your heart beat will beat its last beat. Just be sure that the previous beats, mattered.



If you want some things in your life to change, change some things in your life.

There comes a point when only so much thinking and planning you can do. You have to take that step. And if turns out to go a little wonky, just take the next step. But one thing is for sure, you will never go forward by staying still.

Just get to stepping, and trust that it will work out.



We all know its wrong and we shouldn’t do it, but we always do. Sometimes what is worse than that, is not even realising you are doing it.

What is the difference between going by your intuition and judging? Nothing. You are making a call in that given situation. Sometimes it is what can save you, and other times it can give you nothing but a headache. So what to do? I don’t know.

But I know this. You are going to get it right and you are going to get it wrong. Hope that clears it right up for you. The trick is to learn from it.

Now I am sure we can all recall a time where we have met people and think “My god you a giant knob, please stop talking.” Only to give them a chance and really confirm what you already knew, then you wished you didn’t waste so much time and oxygen on them. However we could also remember a time, when that was your first thought. Then your 2nd thought changed your mind. You then married them, and wish you hadn’t. And there is another time, where you ignored all that and it worked out fine. (If that has happened to you, then I salute you.)

There have been times, where I am sure you have met people, and on that day wished you walked in the other direction. ¬†Either way its all fun and games until you don’t find it funny.

In short, there is no way around not judging. Just don’t be a massive dick about it. And or at least learn from it.

Go be fabulous.


I feel is quite important. Can shift your mood in an instant. So lets all embrace that and thank all the people involved.

I say this, because as I type Eurovision is on. And  that can sometimes question what I just wrote above.

What to do when…

…You want to discuss something with someone and all you get is radio silence or they not ready. Nothing there is nothing you can do.

While you are waiting? Go do something else.

You are welcome.


What are yours, and have you made any of them come true?

Good thing about dreams, is that they change when you change and or they evolve. It’s important that you stick with it, or adjust your approach to it. Try not to have conflict with your desires either, if your soul is calling for it. That’s the best and only voice you can believe in. It may take longer, and you may get discouraged but if it fills your spirit with fire and joy. You owe it to yourself and the world to share it.

So light up and be that glow. You never know where that will lead you.

When things flow easy to you, you are in alignment.

“Wherever you go, there you are” Jon Kabat-Zinn


Does anybody look good when they are crying? I would argue that I in fact do. It’s all in the eyebrows and the controlling of the nostrils. You master that and you are half way there. And if you can stop the snivelling and the nose bubbles you let off. Then you have hit the Hollywood style of crying.

The good crying or bad crying still amounts to the same…..ugly cry. But I think we can all agree the good cry is favourable. If you have ever felt so much love or gratitude because human kind can just be amazing, and you are so appreciative of your friends and family then the warm glow that radiates is something well worth experiencing.

Tap into that at least once a month if you can, it will bring you back to what’s important when you have forgotten.


Why do you never see a fat giraffe?

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